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I’ve just completed Week 3 of John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success training. Yes, I know its Saturday night and we should be out on the town like everyone else, but the boss is poorly, so I decided to stop in and do something productive.

But before I describe this “weeks” findings, a quick update on the “sharebar plugin” problem I had a few days ago. The following day after writing the Week 2 post, I had a good look round on the internet, and found this page: http://www.techwork.dk/wordpress-2/how-to-fix-sharebar-plugin-issue-after-upgrading-to-wordpress-3-5, written by a very nice guy name of Thomas. In the article, he explains how to get round the problem, which makes the plugin work again (and removes the annoying error text above the post), but still leaves an error message on the widget settings page. No matter, it works and I’m sure there will be an upgrade to fix the problem soon, so, NICE ONE THOMAS, we salute you!!!

Ok, on to Week 3. Again, all the video’s are excellently laid out and really easy to follow. I worked through them bit by bit regarding configuring the Adsense adverts and the best looking placement for them. I did run into a minor problem in as much that a long time ago I applied for a Google Adsense account for another site (which didn’t work out unfortunately), and my Adsense application was still hung up on that site. So, I’ve had to submit a new site (this one), and wait for Google to approve it (which I suppose isn’t going to happen on Saturday night). In the mean time, I have blank spaces on my blog where the Adsense ads should be as they won’t show till the site is approved.

So, back to Week 3. As mentioned above, the Adsense ads are waiting, and the video’s are very easy to follow to install these. The next section shows how to put links on your site. Again I ran into a headache, as the video’s are filmed whilst John is working on his blog which is v3.4x, whilst my blog is v3.5.

Another change to version 3.5 is the Links manager. I say change…. v3.5 doesn’t have a Links manager… It has been removed for this and subsequent releases. Not to worry though, for v3.6 onwards, it will be a plugin, and its in its beta phase now. So I installed the beta version (just type “Link Manager” in the plugins search bar) and it configured very nicely, and after following the last video, I now have some links on my blog.

That’s about all, I will update you when the Adsense (hopefully) gets approved, but until then, have fun!!




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