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A bit about me, where I’ve been and where I want to go…..

I left school at 16 with 3 ‘O’ levels and went to college. Unfortunately, this wasn’t for me, and 15months later I finished with it. I then had various jobs, some I liked, some I hated.

I went to work at my local supermarket as a butcher, which was one of the jobs I liked. The downside to this was that the money was poor and a church mouse would have struggled on it!! So, after 18 months, I moved on. I then went to a factory that made concrete flooring beams (the sort that fit in the steelwork that you see the cranes put up on building sites). Wow!! Times were good in the building trade and so was my money!! it was very hard manual graft tho’, and I was usually too tired at the end of the week to spend anything I earned.

But this gave me the necessary cash to be able to buy a house and get married, and times were good, but I was beginning to get fed up of the job, shift work didn’t suit me. Eventually I got made redundant, sold the house and separated all in the space of about 2 months.

I then went through various jobs, from repairing two-way radio’s to computers, but I longed for something else, maybe it was to work for myself. I eventually got working for a company that did industrial control systems, which wasn’t a bad job really, if you were single and didn’t mind staying away a lot of the time. I actually worked for 2 firms doing this sort of work, and got made redundant twice, both times the company went bust through poor money management by the directors.

So, the only thing left was to work for myself, after all, I couldn’t make myself redundant could I? And if I went bust, it was my fault…. So I started up on my own, and still am.

But I still have to do long hours, 14hrs on site and 3hrs each way travelling are not uncommon, and I’m getting sick of wearing motorways out, the roads in the UK are far too busy nowadays to enjoy the driving, so I wanted a way out.

And hopefully this is it. I’m a bit new at this, and no doubt I will make some pretty big bloopers, but I’m sure I can learn and make a successful internet business. And the ability to spend some time at home, and only have to work 14hrs a day if I want to are bigĀ plusesĀ for me

It will be fun finding out how to do it, and whilst I have no doubt that there is a big learning curve to negotiate, the rewards justify the means. Also, I’m looking forward to being able to spend more time out on my neglected boat, and getting my motorbike test passed….. all I need then is some decent weather!!!