Week 3 Of The Program

I’ve just completed Week 3 of John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success training. Yes, I know its Saturday night and we should be out on the town like everyone else, but the boss is poorly, so I decided to stop in and do something productive.

But before I describe this “weeks” findings, a quick update on the “sharebar plugin” problem I had a few days ago. The following day after writing the Week 2 post, I had a good look round on the internet, and found this page: http://www.techwork.dk/wordpress-2/how-to-fix-sharebar-plugin-issue-after-upgrading-to-wordpress-3-5, written by a very nice guy name of Thomas. In the article, he explains how to get round the problem, which makes the plugin work again (and removes the annoying error text above the post), but still leaves an error message on the widget settings page. No matter, it works and I’m sure there will be an upgrade to fix the problem soon, so, NICE ONE THOMAS, we salute you!!!

Ok, on to Week 3. Again, all the video’s are excellently laid out and really easy to follow. I worked through them bit by bit regarding configuring the Adsense adverts and the best looking placement for them. I did run into a minor problem in as much that a long time ago I applied for a Google Adsense account for another site (which didn’t work out unfortunately), and my Adsense application was still hung up on that site. So, I’ve had to submit a new site (this one), and wait for Google to approve it (which I suppose isn’t going to happen on Saturday night). In the mean time, I have blank spaces on my blog where the Adsense ads should be as they won’t show till the site is approved.

So, back to Week 3. As mentioned above, the Adsense ads are waiting, and the video’s are very easy to follow to install these. The next section shows how to put links on your site. Again I ran into a headache, as the video’s are filmed whilst John is working on his blog which is v3.4x, whilst my blog is v3.5.

Another change to version 3.5 is the Links manager. I say change…. v3.5 doesn’t have a Links manager… It has been removed for this and subsequent releases. Not to worry though, for v3.6 onwards, it will be a plugin, and its in its beta phase now. So I installed the beta version (just type “Link Manager” in the plugins search bar) and it configured very nicely, and after following the last video, I now have some links on my blog.

That’s about all, I will update you when the Adsense (hopefully) gets approved, but until then, have fun!!




Week 2 Of The Program

Well, I’ve about completed Week 2 of John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success training. I suppose that I should have a few more posts on the blog according to the training, but when you are pushing through it at a fair rate, courtesy of the spare time over the  Christmas holiday, something has to give, and the posts are unfortunately the victim.

I watched all of the video’s, and done all of the bits as required. This week has required the installation of two plugin’s, both of which are now a couple of revision’s past where they were when John made the vid’s. But the info is solid and easily achievable. Its quite fulfilling really, because the sections are quite light and there isn’t mountains to do each week, I can get through the “weeks” quite easily (the first 2 have taken 1 night each, but read below) and feel like I’ve achieved something.

I have had a problem with one of the plugins though. I do run another blog, and about a fortnight ago, I installed this particular plugin onto that site and it worked flawlessly first time. I installed and activated the same plugin this evening and it wouldn’t work. The plugin  is “sharebar” which puts social media icons up for people to share my posts, and on my other blog it “does exactly what it says on the tin”.

However, after installing it on here, it came up with “missing statement” messages and only 2 of the icons appeared. After some playing about and going to the plugin website, I still can’t find a solution to my problem, so I’ve temporarily disabled it. I wonder if it has something to do with the version of wordpress, as this blog was installed with v3.5, where as the other blog being a bit older is still on 3.4 something. Next stop I think is to perhaps email the guy who wrote it, or perhaps someone on the Warrior Forum has some idea’s.

The other bit I haven’t managed to do is get some professional graphics done for my blog. John suggests that any blog would benefit from a custom header instead of the stock one. I personally think that the Flexibility 3 theme header is not unsightly, however, the whole idea of a blog is to make it part of yourself and to stand out from the crowd (which clearly it won’t with the standard header), so, in the New Year when normality has returned to everyone’s work patterns again, I will get a custom header ordered and installed.

So, Week 3 looms up ahead for me, probably one night before the end of the week. I have a Google Adsense account, and I think that  the blog will have some advertising on it very soon, but that’s for another time. Seeing as its 2.50am as I’m writing this, its probably time to go to bed, or I will be fit for nothing in the morning, and my broken hot water system won’t fix itself. But that’s another story……….


Welcome To Alan Jeffery’s Blog

So, this is my first post on my new blog. As part of John Thornhill’s “Partnership To Success” system, I will be building my new internet marketing business up week by week, and I would like to invite you to join me in the journey.

As a new venture, I am very excited to progress it as soon as possible, and the Christmas holiday break is as good a time as any to get “stuck into it”. Hopefully as time moves on I will have some informative posts for you, and some  useful downloads to offer you.

The blog is a bit basic at the moment, the theme is Flexibility 3, which, as the the name suggests, has lots of scope for personalisation. As I modify the blog and add bits to it, I am hoping to put a post up with how I did it, and what to watch out for.

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think, or you can always email me  at: alan@alanjeffery.com, and  pop back again later, see how far I’ve got.